When the Cat’s Away the Mice…Work Really Hard

Temperatures are soaring in the Genus nursery this week. Matt has very cleverly booked himself a week out of the office. Unheard of really. Matt’s holiday’s are few and far between. He’s rarely away from the nursery and does a huge amount to keep the cogs of the Genus machine operating smoothly.

Those of us who remain in the office (the rest of the Genus team) have been left with lists and instructions and are soldiering on in the sweltering heat to ensure our plants are kept watered and happy (and our customers too).

Pip continues to process quotation requests and deal with ad hoc questions and enquiries from customers and the rest of the team. Emma lends a hand where she can – helping Pip keep on top of quotations.

April is keeping the ball rolling with supplier orders. Monitoring incoming deliveries and chasing after missing plants.

Sue keeps the accounts rolling on. Dealing with invoicing and payments and confirming delivery times with customers.

Dave and Tony are on the roads as usual. Ensuring that plants arrive with our customers as scheduled.

And Bec soldiers on in the hot polytunnels – unloading plants, pulling out orders and looking after existing plants. There is a huge amount of watering to be done when the weather is so warm. Thankfully she has Jess on hand a couple of days a week to help too.

The question on all our lips is: will we manage without the main man around? So far the cogs are still turning (albeit a little sluggishly in all this heat) and we intend to do everything in our power to keep them going.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday Matt.  We look forward to seeing you when you are back.