Topiary, Trees and Hedging

It’s that time of year. The rootball season has begun.

Our growers in the UK, and further afield in the Netherlands, are starting to lift their rootball  and bare root stock. Now is the perfect time to think about planting hedging and topiary. We supply a huge range of topiary and hedging. From bare root whips for hedging, through to box and yew balls, mature trees and giant sculpted topiary.

Rootball topiary: We offer a huge range of rootballed topiary. Let us know what shapes and sizes you are looking for and we’ll source them from one of our specialist topiary suppliers.

Rootball hedging: From box and yew right through to hornbeam and beech. Let us know what hedging you want and we’ll find it for you. We have bare root and rootball options available.

Get in touch today for prices and availability.