Take the Time

Coronavirus. Covid 19.

There, I said it. Its enveloping everything we do, and we’re certainly all in this together but we’re staying productive! The Genus hub has been somewhat scattered with some of the team working from home, but we are managing to carry on, sticking to government guidelines and doing what we do best to keep things moving.

Looking at the positives

Through this time, I have been looking at the positives. It’s been refreshing to have time to look up from the computer, from my daily tasks and reflect on my job, my situation.

I’m lucky to be able to work in an industry that breathes in fresh air every day, to see the seasons unfold and plants grow and change. I’m lucky to have fantastically positive work colleagues, to be in fits of giggles trying to set up a remote face-time meeting! I’m lucky to have a friendly customer base of fellow plant enthusiasts who are working hard to support themselves and the industry.

We can be flexible

I guess it shows we can be flexible, and we’re lucky enough that our situation allows us to be. We are all focussing on jobs and tasks that we have discussed on so many occasions but have never had time to accomplish!

We’re updating the Plant User Guide. There are so many new and interesting plants out there. We want you to see them, to support nurseries who grow them and show diversity and innovative production. Watch this space.

We will also be focussing on a project we have wanted to do for many years…The Top 100! Despite how it may sound, it’s nothing to do with our beloved Pop Master on Radio 2, it’s a list of the top selling plants that we are asked to supply. Details to follow soon.

Try to enjoy the quarantine. Do the jobs you’ve wanted to do but never had the time. Be thankful that Spring buds are bursting, and the season will change as will everything with it.