Supermarket Sweep Isn’t for Me!

I want to shop at Aldi. I really do. As I drive towards the supermarket with limited time and even less enthusiasm, I know inevitably I’m going to swing into Sainsbury’s. I know I’m going to pay a little more, but when time is so precious, I will always choose an easy life!

At Sainsburys I know I can use ‘scan as you go’. I know where everything is. I know the staff are helpful. I don’t have to load my trolley like I’m in an episode of Supermarket Sweep and I know the product names are familiar and of good quality. Most importantly, they have everything on my shopping list. I don’t have to go anywhere else to make up the shortfall.

This isn’t an advert for Sainsbury’s, I promise, but as I drive home, car groaning with goodies, I do think of the analogy with Genus Plant Sourcing and using a plant sourcing company as a whole.

The Genius behind Genus

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the genius behind using a plant sourcing company. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to save you guys time and hassle. Poor old Dave driving across the country to pick up a single Viburnum from a specialist grower. The frustration that we have to deal with when a full articulated lorry arrives a day late and effects our tight delivery schedule. The disappointment when mis-supplied or poor quality plants arrive and we know we will have to re-source (and re-source quickly) if we’re going to make the delivery date we’ve promised you.

We’re here for you

At Genus Plant Sourcing, we strive to be approachable and helpful. We strive to be here whenever you need us. We work hard to ensure that the plants we deliver to you are fantastic. When you see your client’s beautiful plants for the first time – we want you to smile. We aim to save you time and to allow you to specify whatever you want.

We want to make your life easier. We promise to work hard for you and do all we can to enable you to create a wonderful recipe!

So next time you have a plant shopping list, click in to Genus!

We do the leg work, so you don’t have to.