Delivery Terms

We do everything we can to ensure your delivery runs smoothly, but please note the following:

Delivery Costs:

Delivery costs will be confirmed once we have your final confirmed order along with the delivery address and information regarding any possible access issues on site.

Delivery Expectations:

We order from our suppliers on a weekly basis and expect the vast majority of our suppliers to deliver within ten days of us ordering from them. Please note that some of our suppliers do at times have longer lead times. We will let you know at the time of ordering if any items are likely to take longer to arrive.

Your Delivery Date:

We will email you your delivery date for your plants on the first Friday following your order confirmation. Due to the complexity of order logistics, we are unable to give you a delivery date prior to this, but we will do our best to deliver on the date you have requested or the next possible slot.

Delivery Timings:

We understand how important timings are so our driver’s will call you when they are thirty minutes to one hour from site.

Combined Deliveries:

Smaller orders will be sent out as part of combined deliveries. This allows us to keep the delivery costs as low as possible although there may be times when we ask you to wait a little longer for us to be able to schedule your delivery to fit in with other deliveries in your area. We will keep you informed at every stage of the order process.

Lines to Follow:

We do all we can to ensure your complete order is delivered to you within the promised timescales. There are times, however, when items may be delayed. We will try our very best to highlight any potential shortfalls and will run through your options with you.

Pallet Deliveries:

We have two vans running throughout the week but also arrange for some deliveries to be sent by pallet. It is important for you to make us aware of any potential access issues on site so that we can choose the best delivery method for your order. We cannot specify a time when booking a pallet delivery so advise that you take delivery the day before you are scheduled to plant.

Delivery by Haulier:

We do sometimes need to send your delivery by haulier. This particularly applies to deliveries for large trees, specimen stock and pallets of hedging. We will discuss this with you prior to arranging. It is important for you to make us aware of any potential access issues on site so that we can choose the best delivery method for your order.

Regular Delivery Routine:

We have two vans running regularly throughout the week. One van is usually reserved for delivery to the following places on the following days. The second van is primarily used for larger projects, longer distances and dedicated deliveries.

Monday: Monmouth, Hereford, Worcester, Birmingham.

Tuesday: Bristol, Bath, Taunton, South Wales.

Wednesday: Local, Evesham, Oxford.

Thursday: London, Oxford, Swindon.

Friday: Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex.

Hauliers or direct deliveries tend to be Tuesdays & Wednesdays


If you had trouble finding the site, so will we! Please provide us with clear directions if the postcode is unlikely to lead us to where we need to go.


We do not send prices on delivery notes and the plants will be labelled with non-branded labels.

For deliveries using our own lorry:

  1. There must be a minimum of one person on site, ideally two, to assist with unloading. If we are delivering more than two trolleys there must be a minimum of two people on site to assist with unloading.
  2. Please remember that you are one of several people we will be delivering to that day. We always do our best to keep to agreed times, but this relies on efficient unloading once we arrive on site. We appreciate you working with us to ensure a quick turnaround.
  3. Please alert us in advance of any access issues. We will do our best to deliver the plants to where they are needed, but cannot do so if it means causing long delays for our driver and subsequent delays for our other customers. As much as we love to help, it is not our responsibility to carry plants through houses, over walls, up long driveways or through duck ponds so please confirm a suitable drop-off point and ensure help is on hand at the pre-agreed time.

For hauliers/pallet delivery:

  1. Check that access is suitable for a lorry. If your site has overhanging trees, narrow gates or steep slopes, these can all restrict access. We’ll let you know the size of the vehicle once the order is confirmed.
  2. Please confirm there is a hard and level surface for the haulier to park and unload the pallets onto (either concrete or tarmac).
  3. Please ensure there are at least two extra people for unloading as we will be fined by the haulier if their driver has to unload or the delivery takes longer than the allocated time (usually an hour is more than sufficient). In the event that we receive a fine from the haulier this will be passed on to you.
  4. It is important to note that we will not provide a crane or a forklift for unloading. The lorry will have a tail lift unless we inform you otherwise.