The world feels all a bit scary at the moment, and we have all, like so many others, been following the news of unfolding events in the Ukraine with both disbelief and worry.  We have all as a team felt we would like to do something, but sometimes, in the face of a seemingly insurmountable situation, it’s hard to know what.  We were delighted to have been contacted by Hacklings, whom we use regularly, with a list of all the items they are collection for the Ukraine crisis.

Armed with the list from Hacklings, Claire and Chloe set to work – organizing who would donate what, advising what people could donate from home and then went off to buy as much as they possibly could with the money donated by the team.  We are incredibly proud to be able to be sending out our contributions, via Hacklings, to the Ukraine along with our thoughts and hopes of a swift resolution to this ongoing situation.