A Day in the Life of Dave

The Genus Machine

There are many cogs at work in the Genus Plant Sourcing machine. One very important part of the machine is Dave. Dave is our delivery driver. If you have received a plant delivery from Genus you have probably met Dave. Apart from the two weeks that Genus closes for the Christmas break, Dave will be here (although we do push him out the door for a summer holiday).

If Dave knew that we were featuring him on our blog he would resist. You’ll notice there isn’t a picture of him on our website. He doesn’t like having his picture taken so we have had to oblige and haven’t taken any.

Where we Deliver

As a plant sourcing company, Genus deliver all over the UK. We also collect plants from a number of nurseries along the way. We can have up to 20 deliveries in any one day and our two delivery drivers are on the road most days of the week.

The Process

Matt puzzles over the logistics and works out the route a day or two before the deliveries are due to go out. We keep our finger’s crossed that there are no last minute cancellations, reshuffles or requests for extra compost and the ball gets set in motion.

Our vans have a strict weight limit and we can be stopped at any time and checked to ensure we don’t go over these limits. Matt therefore needs to carefully go through the day’s delivery schedule to work out what order the deliveries should go in, what the best route to take is and approximate timings. This is why we can’t guarantee all our lovely customers the first drop of the day (although we really wish we could!).


Everything is subject to change at the last minute due to traffic and last minute requests (and we always do all that we can to help). This is why we rely so heavily on the Genus machine.

From those of us in the office answering calls, quoting and compiling orders, to our nursery staff who look after the plants, quality check and pull everything together.

Finally to Dave, who typically arrives at the nursery at 6:40am. Matt helps him load the van before Dave sets off, driving up and down the country. When he returns to the nursery at the end of the day, Dave will water the trolleys in readiness for the following day’s deliveries before heading home. No complaints. No fuss. Getting our plants where they need to be and doing all he can to help along the way.